We are the first and the only manufacturer of cooked rice, grains, and beans in various packages for individuals, food services, and industrial businesses. We pursue a healthy & natural life style by selecting organic or natural ingredients, and by converting them into fully cooked, shelf stable delicious diet.


For anyone or any food businesses that want to have fresh, tasty, and healthy dishes or ingredients in a quick and convenient manner, Minsley products are the right choices. They are fully cooked, organic, and shelf-stable, with no-preservatives and no cholesterol that are conveniently packaged in cups, bowls, trays, or pouches – for more information, contact info@minsley.com


We at Minsley are committed to manufacturing and distributing excellent quality HEALTHY MEALS. We keep INTEGRITY in selecting ingredients that nourish healthy and sustainable lifestyles, and we highly value a FAMILY SPIRIT to keep Minsley a pleasant place to work.


Safety & Quality

Minsley is proud to be a BRC Certified Manufacturer.

*The BRC (British Retail Consortium) provides a leading product safety and quality certification program used by food suppliers in over 100 countries. We demonstrate our ability to produce, package, store, and distribute our products with consistent safety and quality.