• Organic Brown Rice

    100%Organic Brown Rice

  • Organic Quinoa Rice

    Organic Quinoa

  • Organic White Rice

    Organic White Rice

  • Organic Brown Basmati

    100%Organic Brown Basmati

  • Ancient Grains & Seeds

    Ancient Grains & Seeds

  • Five Ancient Grains

    Organic 5 Ancient Grains

  • Ancient Grain Trio

    100%Organic Ancient Grain Trio

  • Farro & Quinoa

    Organic Farro & Quinoa

Ancient Grains Seeds

Ancient Grains and Seeds

  • Ingredients

    Water, Organic Freekeh, Organic Farro, Organic Farro, Black Barley, Daikon Radish Seeds

  • Serving Directions

    Ready to Serve

    Remove top & serve.

  • Store in cool, dry place

    Must refrigerate after opening